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XU120179 Crossed roller bearing INA Slewing ring bearing
Time:2021-04-13 15:35:00

XU120179 Slewing ring,crossed roller bearings without gear teeth china manufacturer

Bearings Model Boundary Dimensions Basic load ratingaxial Basic load ratingradial  Weight
      Inner ring    Outer ring  Roller pitch circle diameter  Width φLa na φLi ni Ca C0a Cr Cor Kg
d D dp KN KN KN KN
(mm) (mm) (mm) (mm)
XU120179 124.5 234 179 35 214 12-φ11 144.5 12-φ11 118 179 75 88 7
XU cross roller bearings custom items

1.Material can be GCR15 50Mn and 42CrMo etc.

2. Include common precision slewing rings and high precision crossd roller bearings

3.Dimension can be customized

4.This bearing provided without gear teeth(in order to achieve simple drive solutions).  external or internal gear teeth can be customized.

XU Slewing bearings features 

1.This series bearings preloaded,can support higher loads

2.Due to its design,one single bearing can reliably support axial radial and tilting moment loads,it is cost-effective

3.They are sealed on both sides,lubricated with high quality grease,can relubricated via lubrication nipples and particularly easy to fit

XU crossed cylindrical roller bearings application

They are suitable for applications with uniform running free from stick-slip,low rotation resistance and high requirements for axial and radial runout accuracy and rigidity, like in robots,handling system and machine tools

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