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Hollow Rotary Platform use Crossed Roller Bearings with gear
Time:2022-01-07 18:05:00

Hollow rotating platform can be used in a variety of rotary motion applications. It can replace DD MOTOR and cam divider, and has the features of high work efficiency, fast positioning, high precision, high rigidity and high cost performanc.

The hollow rotary platform is mainly used in numerical control indexing devices, manipulator joints, machine tool fourth machining axes, military radars, automated production lines, etc., which require high precision and compact structure.

The turntable of the hollow rotary platform is supported by a crossed roller bearing, which has high stiffness, and can take loads from radial, axial, and tilting moment.

Hollow rotary platform directly affects and even determines the precision and overall performance of the related products, and the key factor determining performance of the hollow rotating platform is the precision of its bearings. Regardless of the form of the hollow rotating platform, its slewing bearing requires high positioning accuracy in both axial and radial directions.

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