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CRBT405 iko crossed roller bearings super slim
Time:2021-03-13 11:27:00
Needle roller bearings CRBT
Crossed Roller Bearings CRBT

Super Slim Type Crossed Roller Bearings CRBT

Structure of CRBT crossed roller bearings

CRBT Crossed Roller Bearings are compact bearings with their rollers alternately crossed at right angles to each other between inner and outer rings. This structure can handle complex loads simultaneously from any direction, which makes assembly possible without needing to worry about load direction.


CRBT Super Slim Type Crossed Roller Bearings are extremely compact bearings with 5.5 mm sectional height and 5 mm width. Separators are incorporated between cylindrical rollers for smooth rotation. Contributes to making machines or equipment more compact and lightweight

The cross sectional height is reduced by 69% in comparison with the Slim Type Crossed Roller Bearing CRBS, previously the slimmest. The width is also as small as 5 mm and the cross sectional area is reduced by 43% in comparison with conventional products. Also, the mass ratio is 0.38, realizing significant weight saving in comparison with CRBS. (compared with a product with bearing bore diameter of 50 mm)

Parameters of CRBT series

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