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XR766051 Tapered Cross Roller Precision Bearing
Time:2020-12-14 16:44:00

 Crossed roller precision bearings

Designed to offer the highest levels of rotation accuracy and rigidity while conserving space and saving material costs.This bearing features two sets of races and rollers brought together at right angles – with alternate rollers facing opposite directions.To save space and require less housing material, the bearing’s cross section height barely exceeds that of a single-row bearing. Its steep-angle, tapered geometry results in a total effective bearing spread many times greater than the width of the bearing itself.

Able to withstand high overturning moments, the crossed roller bearing is ideal for the table bearing of machine tools, including vertical boring and grinding machines. It also is uniquely suited to many other pivot and pedestal applications where space is limited and the lowest possible center of gravity of a rotating mass is required.
Below is the XR766051 sent to USA on 6th.Dec.,2020

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